Intensity & inspiration from this incredible young woman’s story



Maria Toorpakai’s life story is unique, and one that should be read by all, particularly in these racially charged times. Growing up in a progressive, non traditional family in a fundamentalist tribal area of Pakistan, it was constantly a wonder that she and her family weren’t killed. I held my breath many times when Maria described whenever she left her home as a young girl. Posing as a boy was the only way she could live in their oppressive world.

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Ooh, what have we here…?

My birthday ring revealed in my Charmed Aroma Sweet Pea Valley Candle! Happy birthday to me! 😉 I was very pleased with the style and fit, I wear it all the time. Check out my Ring Reveal on YouTube!

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‘Heart Of A Champion’ Captured My Heart


The story of what happened to a community of Japanese Canadians in Vancouver in 1941 is a story every Canadian should hear. Continue reading “‘Heart Of A Champion’ Captured My Heart”

Review: Garnier SkinActive Micellar Water All-In-1 Cleansing Water



Can water clean your face as good as soap or a cleansing product? That’s what I wondered, and luckily I got the chance to test Garnier SkinActive Micellar Water All-In-1 Cleansing Water courtesy of ChickAdvisor.

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