Excited over e.l.f.!


If there’s one thing I’ve always loved is a good bargain. So when I saw ads for e.l.f., I was curious and had to check them out. Their very reasonably priced lipsticks is what got me.

I easily have 10 lip products on rotation each season. I enjoy trying everything; matte, glosses, stain and liners. Different types of face cleansers are another goodie I collect. My Mr. has asked many times why I need to have so many in the shower? (He doesn’t understand my need for variety. 😉) For my sister Wanda, it’s all about the eyes. She likes to experiment with all kinds of eye shadows, liners, and creams. So we easily found many options on e.l.f.’s user friendly site. They included mystery gifts with purchase, and I do like surprises. 😊 Plus, everyone’s favourite, free shipping, so really, we couldn’t go wrong!


This is the Halloween Treat 🎃 👻 that came with our order, which we were pleased to open. We divided the treats and began using everything right away. Reviews are next up…

Until next time,


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