How I Became Free



I have long heard about the deplorable conditions many North Koreans live in, and Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un’s twisted nuke loving attitude. But North Korean itself has remained elusive, because we are shown only carefully chosen images of “real” life in that country. Krys Lee’s How I Became a North Korean gave me an inside look at three people trying at all costs to get to the safety of South Korea through China.

The trials of characters Yongju, Jangmi and Danny are compelling and heart wrenching. This trio’s shared quest for escape & freedom fortunately finds them together. Of particular interest to me was Jangmi who had to use her good looks to get by in her sad, desperate life in North Korea. The double edged sword that is her beauty lead her to be in the lowest, most victimizing situation she could be in. The emotional and physical chaos she goes through is painful to read, but it kept me hoping for her eventual escape.  

Lee’s fluid writing style is a joy to read, and she is able to depict three very different points of view with ease. For a truly unique and educational read told by distinct perspectives, How I Became a North Korean is surely it.

I received How I Became a North Korean in a Goodreads Giveaway.

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