When one can’t be monogamous


From the rather ominous beginning where we read a mother left her story behind for her daughters, to the very last chapter with the revealing twist, Serial Monogamy captivated me.

Sharon’s story is a sad cliché- her middle aged professor husband has an affair with his student. To add to her devastation, she has cancer. Al comes across as a typical spoiled, inconsiderate, selfish cheater. He doesn’t deserve Sharon’s forgiveness or his family life. But it’s not about Al. It’s not a look into why someone is unfaithful. This novel delves into the mind of mistresses and a wife being cheated on.

I enjoyed the Nelly Ternan (Charles Dickens mistress) chapters as much as the modern day story of Sharon. Perhaps even a bit more. It was a good lesson to hear why Nelly gave up having a regular life and became a mistress instead. In the 21st century, we question why anyone would chose being a mistress, but it made sense in the Victorian era. Nelly’s story wasn’t a happy one, but I came away thinking wasn’t Shay’s equally as sad? Something to consider.

Kate Taylor’s pleasant, easy writing style made this a quick book to read. Serial Monogamy kept my interest throughout, and I would recommend it if you’re looking for not an ordinary read about relationships.

I happily received Serial Monogamy in a Goodreads giveaway.

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